Back Handspring Tips and Tricks

Hi! This weeks post on “My Gymnast…Inside Out” is tips on how to nail your back handspring. If you’ve been trying forever to become a back handspring perfectionist, then you’ve come to the right place. Follow the following tips and you’ll soon become a pro!:

Tip One= If you are doing a standing back handspring, you need to squat and jump as high as you can so you can get enough momentum. I know you’ve probably been told this a thousand times, but when you squat, sit like you’re in a chair. Don’t squat straight down and then try to jump back because your arms are going to collapse underneath you and you are going to land on your head…OUCH! Lean back as you squat. You should be off balance before you jump back into the handspring.

Tip Two= Try to make the handspring as long as you can. If you arch your back too much and you’re not covering enough ground, then you could injure your back and land on your head. It also looks nicer if your back handspring is long and graceful.

Tip Three= Have a spot. Yeah, I know it doesn’t look as cool as doing it on your own, but it could save you an injury. Have your spotter put one hand on your back and one hand on your thighs. The hand on your back makes sure that you have enough support and that you don’t land on your head. The hand on your thighs is going to throw your legs over you as you jump back so you have more momentum.

Tip Four= Use a barrel from your local gymnastics gym or anywhere that owns one. The barrel will help your get used to the motion of going backwards.

Tip Five= Keep trying. If you land on your head once, don’t be intimidated and give up! We have all fallen at one point in our lives, and if we had all given up what would be of humans today? Nothing! Work hard, do your best, don’t give up, and have fun!

Good Luck!